The deep void of space… a cold, but tranquil emptiness of undisturbed nothingness, infinitely unforgiving - imprisoned with the highest reserves of inconceivable marvel. The glares and distant flickers of stars dazzle from light years away, their companions - colourful and stunning spectacles of gas clouds, galaxies, comments, and planets. Silence dominates as everything succumbs to the natural order of continuum, chaotic or peaceful – their existence co-exists for the wonderment of no-one… until now.

Something unnatural moves - An unceasing instrument of sentience travels throughout the endless wonder of the universe. A consciousness of sort piloted this unearthly craft, it did not need engines or computers or machines. The vessel journeyed without any human component - travelling to ensure the safety of its passengers. Pure blue eyes swiftly turned their gaze as attention was summoned to a new point in the stars. A new point of light offered an answer to the majestic age old traveller.
A new thought took over his mind. For space is eternal and slow, a mere time capsule, preserved only with the notion of continuum. It holds no concept of haste or urgency. It is cold, empty almost, but on occasion, throws up opportunity. Many more eyes now watched, waiting for first sight of their final destination.

Driven by the desire to bring hope and creation - attention drew toward a new system. From the saintly darkness of space, the travellers vessel changed its course. A four pointed star shaped craft; bright and dominating, elegant but powerful swiftly turned as he commanded theapproach upon Earth.
Drawing ever near with a will like that of an enthusiastic predator. At last, his thoughts resonate with closure, for his journey has lasted nearly half the age of the universe itself. My time has arrived, he believed with both passion and simplicity.
‘Rejoice with me and we will spread the word of our father.’ His companions rose as they heard long awaited words; other beings of beauty with powerful skills stand by their lord as their craft enters this system for the first time. Their journey is near an end, they left their home - a realm that falls beyond the reach of any mortal hands. 

Earth stands silent, pure, and innocent - just like many worlds before it. The traveller could offer answers to a magnitude of questions only to offer none to no-one, their explorations and encounters bereft to any civilised audience. A magnificent display of celestial grandeur unlike anything before holds orbit above the Earth. Beautiful beams of light and a heavenly echo, like the sound of a beating heart give the craft life of a different sort.
An entity supreme to all others stood before his subjects and spoke. ‘Release me to fulfil my destiny, and join me in thy wonder.’ He said as his eyes looked beyond the haze of the fast approaching planet.
The servants bowed before stepping aside allowing their lord to pass. A being distinctive to the others exited the craft; an illuminated figure of elegance, and beauty gracefully descended down through the atmosphere and onto the planets’ surface. His tall humanoid figure glowed bright like the sun as it stood for the first time on earth. A beating heart pumps his life energy throughout; emitting flickers of its own light. His wings transform into a toga and cape - his tranquil soft blue eyes inspect the ground with great assessment.
An eagle accompanied him to the surface. After its flight it unquestionably, and without command, rested on the head of the godly phenomenon like a crown contributing to his majesty. An intelligence far beyond anything of the natural world stands upon his claimed planet.

On this, his first day he brings light and hope… The landscape was barren. Mountains on the horizon sit idle and dark, but the stars shine from high above. The world was otherwise cold and lifeless like a great illness took grip. But now a new now era dawns - celebrated light shines in abundance, when just before there was a sea of blackness. Now the distant mountains glow as their summits and cravats surrender to this influential power. His footprints mark the ground, for they will become a permanent reminder of his first steps that will last until the end of time itself, only sand and dust will hide them. 

He observes the land, the skies and the oceans. He is magically in all places at once, preparing to begin the miracles that will change the world forever. His very essence, his very purpose is to create. He raised his arms. ‘Behold my power.’ He shouted.
The world shuddered before beams of light shone down upon him. All around the earth creatures began to rise from the ground and run freely away - new species of land dwellers that will live in the trees, the deserts, the mountains, forests and beyond - new species of birds and fish to add to the existing splendour of animals. 

​Days’ and nights’ passed by as he walked among the reality of his life-long instruction. Confident and self-aware, but unconscious to the effects he has now set in motion; he watches as the world slowly changes. A world of nature and natural events has held the earth to account over its shaping and forming of life. The planet has been void of any godly interference for hundreds of millions of years, but that is now at an end. 

​The old days of the planet are decidedly numbered - his new utopia will not accommodate all. He sees that some life is no longer suitable for the new age. He has no choice but to release and send them on to fulfil new forms, but their energy and life forces are saved and transformed. Their mortal bodies now left to waste, to become remnants of creatures now gone.
Ancient man also succumbs to the mercy of his power - he frowned upon the species. How little progress they have made, I do not favour them to live alongside my legacy. The godly being explained to his servants, they contribute nothing to my world, he argued. A loyal servant spoke and pleaded with the Creator to save them. Reluctantly, the Creator accepted, but their essence was to form the basis for a new regeneration. He thought the time had come to populate his new world with a new vision of human life – his own vision.

From the ground, a mound of earth rose amongst a whirlwind of amazing light. Gases then began to combine and shape the earth into the body of a man - and so, Mankind began - A creation of a new breed to inherit the planet took form before the Creator.
 The gases and dust settled and the figure of a young man stood before his god. His eyes shut, and his body lifeless. The Creator hesitated for a moment - a deep thought entered his head to consider the consequences of bringing this new life into existence and putting it upon the earth. A servant counselled her lord, Death and destruction have been witnessed before, but this seems insignificant compared to what this new vision could be capable of.

Godly vanity was the driving force behind his creation, to better anything ever created before. Hesitation hit once more, but the servant’s watched on to witness their lord incarcerate his creation upon the world. 

Passing great potential and understanding to this man seemed to be the motivation behind the Creator’s vision. He stood assured that they will be a race ready to prove themselves and take great strides in their civilisations.
The Creator considered the dangers and perils, but fell back on his confident judgement - he pressed his palm against the chest of the lifeless man. His eyes suddenly opened, and he inhaled for the first time. ‘Who am I?’ The man asked.
The Creator looked down upon him as if staring into a lost soul. ‘Hear my story.’ The creator said, before placing both hands upon his head. A telepathic communication foretold the entire events; telling him everything, how he - the being came to earth; what he did, and the values and laws in which Mankind is to live by. Pass my story on, was his final command.

When night fell, the man slept - during this time the Creator took a moment to fulfil the creation of woman. Unlike before he did not act so rash in his judgement, and he walked alone in thought throughout the land until a new day dawned. Upon his return the Creator drew from within himself a bright glowing piece of mass and he held this next to the sleeping man.
Amid a whirlwind like before the shape of a young woman formed and was laid beside him. She is given the gift of life, and is told of the importance of the gift that she too carries within herself.

If man is created out of pride, vanity, precipitation and eagerness to prove, then woman is created from patience, thought, consideration and a capability of growing life. This was the Creator’s sentimental proposal to bring balance to the species. The servants welcomed this and swore to help protect his new creations.
The man awoke and turned to look at the woman. The Creator was happy with his final creation. ‘Go forth and enjoy this paradise.’ The Creator gently said. 

The Creator’s conception and purpose in life was now complete. His powers were now drained. Knowing that he could only perform this miracle once, he resigned himself and his servants to live a life beyond the skies in spirit form, invisible to those below.
Over time the planet will be watched over by the Creator and his servant’s, and they will guide Mankind and come to their rescue in times of need.

​And so, on the final day of his creations, the Creator left earth to rest in the fulfilment of happiness for eternity… he observed a bluish haze surround a planet of blue and green; where land and sea met, and here and there lay the scorched lands of the deserts, and poles. 

…little did he know that he was being followed and watched the whole time.

There is night, there is darkness – there is emptiness. There is one who follows behind in the shadows, obscured from sight with a will to strike pre-emptively and without mercy. A corrupt and evil menace that hides in true darkness; the utter absence of light torments and plagues this creature from the legion of the damned. Escape his gaze, hide away from him. Salotorn’s cunning worked. The dark side of Mercury served as refuge, far enough and away from the Creator’s eyes.
The New Earth took shape as he gazed from afar; mankind has begun. A bluish haze surrounded the planet of blue and green; where land and sea met, and here and there lay the scorched lands of the deserts, and poles.
The birth of New Earth teased him. In time this world will suit the needs of Azazel, Salotorn’s master. His long journey is over – it is now time to plot the takeover of the new world, and submit Mankind to serve him. Azazel’s servant, Salotorn – a marauder hell bent on plunder and domination stands on the verge of war with the Creator. His urge to resist and hold back taunts his warped and weary mind.
‘Regain your strength and only then can you violate his work. His kind cast us from our place amongst the gods, we seek revenge, we seek our own world.’ He hissed.
Opportunity presented itself whilst the Creator rested. Salotorn’s orders are simple: find a planet in which to take over. Demolish its way of life, make way for Azazel’s ideological world; build devotees of servants, slaves, and armies.
He tore several pieces of twisted flesh away from his gut. Thick, black, venomous strips of flesh turned into a hard rock. He could cast his evil seed toward the New Earth, toward Man and test their faith.
He hurtled his venom across the gulf of space. His hellish seed entered the new world and scattered far and wide.
In the new garden a snake curiously slithered across to the twisted poison. It arched backwards in pain, hissing in its understanding of agony and suffering. It acted strange – it evolved a new sense of self-awareness; corruption ravaged its mind. This pleased Salotorn – the symbol of the serpent will be his mark of success.
‘Too few about, not enough, there’s not enough to enslave yet!’ Salotorn hissed, Damn you. There was only one option – preserve yourself he realised. Only by immortalising himself could he do this – and wait for the new world to populate.
He began a painful process – his life energy left his body, his limbs began to melt. His torso liquefied and spilled out over the cratered surface like molten lava. He cried in pain as he committed this torturous task, but it would secure his preservation.
His head slowly sank as it followed his body into his molten tomb, before his eyes cast their last look at the new world. He spat his last thought I will crush, and damn you all.
Unbeknown to God, Mercury now serves as his immortal resting ground. His tomb, his rock – twisted and vicious – symbolises his pain; it will lie in wait on the cold surface.
But, move his spirit throughout his seeds here on earth.

       And wait for his resurrection…

In Earths darkest hour, in Mankind’s deepest despair -  one man will rise to defeat the forces of evil. The destiny of this man has already been chosen, it is just a matter of time before he realises it.​​​

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Genesis re-born

Old Earth of the past 50,000 years ago

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