The fateful ship - The Azure Dragon on approach to Mercury

2022 China officially became the world super power excelling the USA, Europe and India in exports and market value.

2025 an estimated 40 million farmers were displaced to make way for new economic developments.

2032 (January) After a decade of boom - a bust was on the horizon. The People’s Republic of China (PRC) entered a recession lasting 4 years. This weakened its global position and its international trade.

2032 (September) The PRC Government made controls to restrict the Renminbi (China’s currency) only allowing limited exposure to international markets. Companies would no longer be able to hold Foreign currency such
as US dollars and foreign companies would no longer be able to hold Chinese Yuan. All sums would be paid in dollars and the central bank would pass the settlement in Renminbi through a state controlled exchange rate. However, the idea to make the currency strong failed.

2033 (February) China’s manufacturing was at the lowest ever recorded in its history.

2033 (April) Coordinated Protests ran all over China, some turned to weeks of rioting as unemployment grew.

2034 (June 10) North Korea became a democratic state releasing the. PRC’s grip on its sovereignty. North Korea entered the Global Family with open arms. China had lost valuable trade routes with the new nation. SouthKorea and Japan now served as its investment. 

2034 (August) UN report estimated that over 350,000,000 people, mainly the poor, were living in 3rd world poverty. The report showed a clear and social divide across the country which lead to years of social unrest.

2047 (August) The Forbidden Protest brought the capitals of Beijing and Shanghai to a standstill as millions of civilians took to the streets. Military and political leaders also stood by and supported their march.

2051 (unknown) Reports of a man claiming to be the true and rightful heir to rule China stepped forward - Jin Tian. Given the title Tai Shang Huang he would unify his countrymen.

2052 (May) Jin Tian ran a political rally - the Tai Shang Huang gained political might with the support of Jurchen Aisin Gioro clan.

2052 (October) Military leaders defected and added their support to the new move.

2052 (December) Rioting broke out across Beijing bringing the capital once again to a standstill. 51 people brutally killed by police.

2053 (January) UN intervened threatening sanctions against the PRC Government.

2053 (June) PRC Government held its own sanctions against the West and implemented the Western Gate Blockade, restricting goods and food from leaving China to the West.

2053 25 September - The Western Gate Blockade crippled North Eastern states - 3 Republic provinces denied the PRC Government from 2058 (August) After 4 years of campaigning the people voted. Jin Tian had narrowly won. The PRC’s future looked grim; in 10 years the country would learn of its fate as a 10 year period of imperial
independence was implemented across provinces that voted for it. The people would cast their final votes on the 08.08.2068

The temporary flag used for The People's Republic of China
(fist appeared in 2070)

Republic territory shrank as it surrendered its sovereignty over
the people's choice for imperialism. Trade and industry was met
with a heavy blow as an uncertain future lay ahead.

2068 08 August - Imperial China emerged through a long political struggle. The emperors coronation took place on the same date. Imperial China had now been confirmed and accepted by the global family as world leaders offered their congratulations. The emperor immediately set to work on a plan that would secure the jobs of millions of farmers and labourers as he announced the Grand Plan; a 40 year investment that would see the re-development of Imperial China. Logistics for food, transport and industry were dramatically re-shaped. As well as reinventing the country, he also set to work on a new and powerful space program. This would see the mighty nation conquer the realms beyond earths solar system.

2070 (Summer) The Republic bank was broken. The unsettled change brought about the start of a mass famine and cultural breakdown as people lost their national identity. Tourism and manufacturing slid to scales not seen since before WWII

2073 Mongolia secured a new allegiance with the empire. The new ally would serve the empire and supply materials, food, labour and armies. In return the empire would mandate security and financial stability to the country.

2075 08 July - The empire had successfully launched a 4 man craft to Venus in record time of 8 months and 17 days. 

2078 07 April - The North American Disaster unfolded. The decades that followed allowed the empire to grow strong by forging new allies with Vietnam, Laos, Kazakhstan, and some remaining Republic States. The UN remained powerless to intervene as the Western Super powers fell into recession and hardship.

2109 The empire seized the planet Mercury as their rightful planet to mine for materials. The fist research vessels would survey the planet's surface as early as 2118

2118 Imperial Chinese Research Vessel: The Azure Dragon

In June of that year it set off on its maiden voyage after a fanfare of celebration. It was the first manned Imperial ship to survey the surface of Mercury whilst in the planets orbit. After a collection of an unknown rock the ship had to return to earth due to technical complications; several crew members died as a result.
Since its return to the imperial shipyards its whereabouts have become unknown. The crew were reassigned, but all died within 14 months.

From 2118 onwards, news from the empire became hard to come by. The empire closed its borders and ceased cooperation with the global family. 2160 saw the intervention of the ageing emperor, Fusu Han Ping. Some historians suggest that he lived until the age of 122.

2169 Emperor Fusa Han Ping died - he was succeeded by his son, Xiao Xin, who was listed as a Shang King. He was 57 when he had his coronation. Xiao Xin quickly became notorious for his ruthless rule; he re-shaped the Imperial Armed Forces to include some of the most elite, and technologically advanced combat ready forces in the world. The Imperial Guard alone was thought to be numbered at 50,000. The Imperial Army was thought to employ around 1.5 million troop compared to its Airforce: 900,000 - Navy: 65,000 - Space Fleet: 45,000. Other ventures such as the Grand Shield employed over half a million rangers.

He remains in power to this day and has propelled the empires interests into the stars and beyond. 

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