Kentucky Joint Air & Space Defence Force (KJAD)

The former U.S airbase is now home to the United Nation's defensive arm of the Space Corps.

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The King Canute – is an Aries Class VII Solar Destroyer - United Nations Fleet Ship (UNFS

Was launched on the 25 September 2176. After an accelerated trials period it flew from Earth’s orbit to the Titan moon of Jupiter to deliver equipment and supplies to the Station Galileo in record time.
Seven ships of this class were built in space dock in orbit around the Earth. It can hold a crew of up to 60 and sustain room for a further 15, but it is normally manned by 36 permanent crew members. However, the King Canute is also an official training ship for officers and cadets so it usually has a crew of up to 45 members.

Its primary function is to safe guard the space routes of the solar system; namely the passage between the colonized territories of our moon, Mars, Venus, and various space and moon stations across the system.
It is also equipped to destroy any life threatening meteors, asteroids, man-made or cosmic debris. It can sustain a 3 month period without the need to re-fuel or re-stock. However, most missions last 10 weeks. 

These ships are capable of travelling within planetary atmospheres as well as outer space. They have 3 types of propulsion systems:

Primary Propulsion:
X 2 external engine nacelles. Hybrid Plasma Fusion & ion Drive - top speed 6.4 million km per hour. Using magnetic confinement fusion with Hydrogen propellant, Helium-3-Deuterium (D-HE3) Hydrogen is heated by the fusion plasma to increase thrust.

Secondary Propulsion:
Electromagnetic ion thrusters – top speed 475 km per second. Creates thrust by accelerating ions, fuelled by Hydrogen, argon, ammonia and nitrogen gas.

Atmospheric Orbit Propulsion & Rapid Response Thrusts (RRT)
Electromagnetic Delta propellant rockets.

The hull is shielded by a magnetosphere field generator that is situated within the core of the ship mimicking the natural protective environment of the Earth, protecting sensitive electronics and the human body against the radioactive effects of cosmic and solar radiation.
It is generally used by the UN as a space faring presence to explore and assist the general interests of the UN and its scientific and peace keeping mission.
It is classed as a destroyer, but it is also equipped to handle deep space rescue, planetary or lunar rescue or evacuations, deliver cargo, provisions, equipment and personnel. It is also equipped with science laboratories and research facilities.
The ship’s arsenal and fire power consists of 2 proton cannons, 1 torpedo bay for Mark XI type torpedoes, 1 torpedo bay for Mark VI type torpedoes as well as an array of sensory probes, 4 laser cannons, 4 antimatter bombs (Asteroid killers), 2 armed combat shuttles and 2 personnel carrying shuttles. capacity to hold a 30 person marine unit.

The active 7, Aries Class VII Solar Destroyer’s & Captain’s
1. Entreprenante - Capt. Blenheim - France
2. King Canute – Capt. Tempest - UK
3. Sinister Island – Capt. Fairchild - USA
4. Bunker Hill - Capt. Halifax - USA
5. Teutonic Knight - Capt. Wolfe - Germany
6. Colossus - Capt. Caproni - Italy
7. Trafalgar - Capt. Lancaster - UK

25 ships carry the designation of Solar Destroyer - these also include:

6. Gemini, class V
4. Aries, class VI
3. Scorpion, class III
3. Endeavour, class IV – (All to be decommissioned by 2180)

2. Titan, mark 3 – (experimental weapons testing vessels)

UNFS stands for United Nations Fleet Ship, which succeeded the short- lived UNSS which stood for: United Nations Space Ship.

Head of the United Nations General Assembly

Profile - Lynden Wilson
Current Secretary General: Re-elected, 2nd term now 6th year in office.
Birth date: 05.02.2123

Place of birth: Indiana
Heritage: ancient family descendant of the Iroquois of the Ohio River.

Before becoming Secretary General, Lynden served the US Army having reached the rank of General. During his service he was a career diplomat in the UN’s foreign affairs committee. He entered diplomatic
service after accepting his first assignment in New York as the joint US (East & West) armed forces ministry affairs commissioner.
He soon established a reputation for modesty and competence over cultural indifference. He offered the US presidency ways in which to tackle the issues facing the divided nation - Lynden is an active campaigner for the unification of the USA.

On October 13 2171 Lynden was elected to become the 34th Secretary General by the United Nations General Assembly.
On January 01 2172 he succeeded Chin-Mae Sun-Shin and took office with his newly formed party.



The UN building, Munich

The assembly hall used by the European Parliament facilitated the temporary re-location of the UN from April 2078. World leaders were not willing to travel by air to the US due to the high content of ash particles that hung around in the air. This meant that jet planes remained grounded for several months. As the old New York building fell in to dis-repair a new location was decided upon. It would be decades later before a new and permanent location was agreed. But once world economies had settled a new home was needed. As Germany led the way with the European Space Agency it held promise to establish the new global community. Construction began on 16.07.2169

As well as serving as the HQ for the General Assembly and UNOOSA, the building also holds other features that you may not be aware of:
It has a 5 star rating and includes a large swimming pool, 3 restaurants, spa & beauty parlour, gymnasium, cinema, and school. It has 355 hotel rooms and dedicated media suites to cater for 80 stations.
The building holds the record as the world’s largest spherical construction. It also holds the record as the largest office building in the world, and is over 4 times larger than the Pentagon.
It has a space of 295,000,000 sq ft, of which 154,700,000 sq ft is used as office space.


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United Nations Space Federation

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