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A bluish haze surrounded the planet of blue and green; where land and sea met, and here and there lay the scorched lands of the deserts and poles. 

God returned with his kind to watch over his creation - little did he know that Salotorn was also watching...

Image by Stephen Minorczyk

From Book Two - The Resurrection of Evil

Slayer - the head of the 'Absolute Order.'

An  inhumane and hideous unit has been set up in the empire. Endorsed by the emperor, it uses medieval style torture. Salotorn, who has corrupted and twisted the emperor has transformed one of his most loyal officers into Slayer. Enemies of the state who become prisoners will face the Absolute Order, and the judgement of Slayer.

30 March 2118 - The crew of the Azure Dragon brought back a mysterious rock from the surface of Mercury...

Unbeknown to the crew, this was no ordinary rock! They brought back an ancient evil that had been waiting for over 50,000 years. They had mistakenly awakened Salotorn from his tomb. 

The captain of the Azure Dragon abandoned his mission and brought the ancient spirit back to Imperial China. The emperor anxiously waited for the ship to return - not long after the emperor began to change.

Year after year the empire began to expand its territories. Their sudden wisdom of space technology excelled them to become a dominant figure. Their armies increased and the construction of an almighty doomsday machine began.

Before Salotorn transformed himself to rock, he spat his last thought to God and Mankind, 

'I will crush and damn you all...'

Slayer, also known as 'The Judge of Hell'

The Executioner on approach to Earth