Divided China

Our story unfolds 99 years after the disaster - it is the year 2177. The world has slowly recovered, but the old empires of the past have now been replaced by one super power - Imperial China. 

Russia, Europe, the Middle East and the USA were weakened!

The empire is on the verge of activating a devastating weapon. A secret weapon powered by an ancient and unknown energy source near Mercury waits for command. 

The twisted emperor sees opportunity and takes advantage; it is the perfect time to hold the world to mercy. 

The emperor has been corrupted for total control and power by an ancient and evil spirit. A spirit that saw the birth of the earth and mankind, it took shelter as God rested on his final day. Salotorn, a marauder hell bent on domination and plunder co-ordinates his moves through the emperor; to unleash devastating power upon earth, and to submit Mankind to himself.

But, the powers of the West are now not so weak - the newly formed UN charges its Space Federation to find out as much as they can to try and uncover the emperors plans before it is too late.

Captain Tempest, of the UN Fleet Ship the King Canute, leads the mission with his trusted crew to save the earth from a threat unlike anything in the history of mankind.

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Images by Stephen Minorczyk

Try to imagine a world with a split USA, a broken and divided global community. A world struggling from a catastrophic event.

It happened, and it became known as The North American Disaster! Not only did it change the USA as we know it, but its effect dramatically changed the world throughout its human civilisations. The human empire collapsed as world recessions hit; powerful nations became weak - the weak became strong.

Now, also imagine a world where the mighty Republic of China fell to a descendant of a lost imperial dynasty.

Imagine an Imperial China with the freedom from a struggling UN to do as they wish. An empire that has excelled in space technology and mining. An empire that has claimed the planet Mercury as theirs to mine - an empire that brought back a strange discovery from the planet.

There was a moment in time and space when the origins of all existence was formed...

There will be a moment when all the glories of the universe are restored...

There is even a time for the era of eternity to cease...

NOW is the time for a new beginning

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It is the late 22nd century. The world is recovering from a catastrophic event that has broken the USA and the western world. 

Imperial China has re-emerged through a political struggle. The empire is now the worlds super power which challenges the West and the newly transformed UN and its space federation. 

During a mining mission to Mercury, the empire accidentally awoke an ancient evil with an intent to conquer earth and enslave mankind.

By sheer chance of fate and circumstance, Captain Tempest, of the United Nations fleet ship The King Canute, takes the mission that will lead him and his crew to save earth from an evil out of this world.     

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Imperial China

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Picture by Stephen Minorczyk

Images by Stephen Minorczyk

In the not too distant future in the year 2078, the Yellowstone super volcano erupted. One April morning at dawn it spewed 1,000 cubic kilometres of magma into the North American environment. Days later the San Andreas and Cascadia fault lines shifted.

The USA suffered unimaginable damage, but it was its western States that suffered significantly more – the decades that followed saw a civilian unrest against the relatively unaffected eastern States.
The Presidency relied on two supreme governors for each zone. The North American Disaster as it became known shifted the balance of power around the world as economies fell.